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Cruz Roja Castilla y León

Ahora más que nunca

Now more than ever

"Ahora más que nunca" (Now more than ever) is the first call of Spanish Red Cross in Castilla y León to help people in this country. Up to now, calls were destined to help in outer situations like natural disasters or conflict. Why we start this project? Because people we work with, and who had a hight degree of vulnerability, is in serious risk of crossing the line of social exclusion. Because people and families, who have never needed help, are asking us for it.

Nowadays, this is our priority and that's why we set a concrete objective: to help families with all members unemployed, seniors with minimum income and dependents, children and youth at risk are entitled to priority care are our priority groups.

We know that we can't solve the crisis alone or resolve the problems of all the people who is asking for help, but our institutional responsability is to do everything possible to improve the situation of people who are suffering. And that's what our partners and volunteers are asking to us. We have the ethical mandate to be a reliable medium to help each others.


This is the way have chosen to raise funds for our projects. You can do online collaborations and help us with concrete objectives: to get something or a service that is essential for a family, using crowdfunding and social media to get it.

Our petitions are accompanied by a report from our team, public administration technicians or entities who work with us. The process is clear and transparent and you can track our progress on this web or suscribe to email notifications.